Some Dry Rot exposure photos

As you can see from the photographs the extent of the rot is hidden until the plaster and panelling is removed, therefore it is very important to carry out an initial survey to identify the scope of exposure work.   Once all the exposure work has been carried out and the joists and timber beam drill tested, the extent of the wood rotting fungal outbreak will be found.  After which it is possible to then specify the repairs and treatment required.

An untreated dry rot fungus (Serpula Lacrymans) infection can be dormant for 1 to 9 years provided the water source has been removed and the area dried.  Suitable targeted timber treatments will increase the durability of the timber and eradicate the infection in the treated timbers and break the life cycle of the infection.

It is common for an estimate to be given for the initial exposure, treatment and repairs based on experience.  Also, any other works required to prevent water entering the building must be obtained.  It is quite common to offer a long-term guarantee on the timber treatments.   It is also posable to obtain an insurance backed guarantee from QANW at extra cost.

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